Satellite Gemini II

Electronic Bit Weight Control System

The New Satellite® Gemini II® Offers Advanced Capabilities

A little history... The Original Satellite° Automatic Drilling Controller has been used for many years in oil fields. It has been tested and proven to be a reliable, durable, and solid workhorse. While others have come and gone, the Original Satellite" has stood the test of time.

Now, Dick's Oilfield Instruments is pleased to bring forward the durability and familiarity of the Original Satellite" and couple it with today's technology.

The New Electronic Satellite® Gemini II® Automatic Drilling Control System

To stay ahead of today's advancing technologies, Dick's Oilfield Instruments introduces the revolutionary, computerized Satellite" Gemini II° to outperform all other existing products that may be offered in the oilfield today.

The New Electronic Satellite° Gemini is just as accurate, reliable, safe, durable and yet more advanced than the Original Satellite' that has proven itself through decades of trouble-free performance on all kinds of rigs and drilling conditions. Today's technology has allowed us to improve on capability while respecting the heritage of the Original Satellite°. Operating with a state-of-the-art and easy-to-use touch screen monitor, The New Satellite° Gemini II° offers more advanced capabilities for drilling conditions.

In addition to the Original Satellite', which uses only Hook Load for controlling bit weight, The New Electronic Satellite" Gemini II" offers multiple parameters including Hook Load & Pump Pressure for more accurately controlling Down Hole Motors and Bit operations so as to meet the needs in today's advancing drilling methods.