Dicks Oilfield Instrument Sales & Service Inc.'s Drilling Recorder is a tough, reliable drill floor recorder designed to monitor up to 7 different functions. This is an essential tool for all drilling operations. The Drilling Recorder records the measurements of all crucial drilling functions, such as drill string weight, rate of penetration, pump pressure, torque, and other data. The Drilling Recorder comes complete with all the necessary mounting hardware and the necessary installation hardware for each function it is designed to record.


  • Available with 12 or 24 hour clock
  • Available in 3,6,12 degree angle units
  • Available with 12 or 24 hour charts
  • Available with English, Metric, or SI Metric charts
  • Available in any configuration up to 7 pens
  • Recording capabilities include weight, pump pressure, rate of penetration, rotary RPM, torque, and pump rate SPM
  • Completely mechanical
  • Uses duplicate carbon paper
  • Recorder comes complete with mounting hardware and installation hardware per function requested

To order specify:

  • Number of functions to be recorded
  • What functions are to be recorded and the capacities of those functions
  • English, Metric, or SI Metric

Eastman Star Recorders

The Eastman Star Recorder is a well logging instrument which is mounted on the rig floor or in the doghouse and which, with a single pen, simultaneously records clearly and positively in duplicate on a strip chart; (1) Rage of penetration in minutes per foot, with extended lines clearly indicating each five foot interval; (2) Time bit is raised off bottom; (3) Time on bottom drilling; (4) Time required for connection; (5) Down time; (6) Time bit is changed, and time required to do so; (7) Time coming out of and/or going in the hole; (8) Correlation and computation of drilling time against off-bottom time in one continous record.
The Star Recorder is a simple, rugged, entirely mechanical device which can be easily operated and maintained by the oilfield operator. A Star Recorder log is inexpensive, furnishes a permanent record in duplicate, and is convenient to obtain without requiring specially trained personnel.
Also available: Eastman Recorder 1-2-3 pen recorder. Call to order.

Eastman Whipstock

Double-Punch Self-Checking Mechanical Drift Indicator with Thread-Lock Barrel

The Eastman Whipstock Self-Checking Drift Indicator is a mechanically operated instrument with a self-checking feature. The instrument produces two records, giving a positive check on the accuracy of the recording. The thread-lock barrel protects the recording instrument from shock, pressure and fluid.