Oilfield Instrument Service & Drilling Equipment Repair

At Dicks Oilfield Instrument Sales & Service Inc. our qualified technicians do repair work on the following equipment:

  • The Original Satellite® Automatic Drilling Control System (Anchor and Deflection)
  • All types of Totco and M/D weight indicators ( Anchor and Deflection )
  • All types of deadline anchors (Hercules and National)
  • M/D Geolograph Drilling Recorders (3-5-7 pen)
  • Eastman Drilling Recorders (1-2-3 pen)
  • Eastman Deviation Instruments (3 degree, 6 degree and 12 degree)
  • Rotary Torque systems with Hydromech (Double or Single Chain)
  • Pump Pressure systems of all types
  • Pump stroke counters
  • Tong Line pull systems of all types
  • All types of gauges
  • SPM, RPM, Gauges
  • Hydraulic & Airline Hose, Crown Automatic, Rexroth, Hydrashear, and Hand Pumps
  • Parts for all types of anchors
  • Miscellaneous supplies ( pulleys, wire line units, etc....)
  • To order repair services, contact Dick's Oilfield Instruments qualified technicians.

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